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By rgibney Oct 01, 2014 1324 Words
My Autobiography
Moving wasn’t the hardest part, leaving behind everything I had was. I lived in Scarborough for most of my life, Most of my friendships started from there; I learned to ride my first bike there, my family whom came from Korea started their life in that house, Me and my sister were raised in that house but like every moment, living in Scarborough had its good moments and its bad. One of the many good moments was being having friends who I considered family, we did everything together including trick or treating on Halloween. Another great moment I shared in Scarborough was winning our first game in high school on the Stephen leecock basketball team, the feeling was indescribable and something I’d never forget. Everything was great and not to mention everyone was happy, my family, my friends and even me. Everything felt like it was in place. It was not until grade ten I found out the most horrible news a person who had it going this great for them could find out. I was moving. It was goodbye Scarborough and hello Etobicoke. I was born September 7th 1994, It wasn’t until I was 15 that I found out I was moving from the best place ever, I live with my mom, my dad, my grandma and my sister. My parents were born in Korea as well as my grandma as I like to call her “Harmony” which means grandma in Korean. My mother came to Canada first to start a better life and soon after brought my father along, together they struggled to create a new life for me and my sister. My sisters sixteen at the moment, she can sometimes be a pain to deal with but I know she has my back through anything. Moving to Etobicoke was hard on all of us but my parents found a new business so it was for the best as they said. I started second semester in grade ten at Silverthorn Collegiate Institute, it was hard. Making new friends should be easy but in my case it wasn’t. It took some time getting used to the area, in Scarborough everything was close to each other; i had the mall across the street as well as my high school down the road. When my parents needed groceries all they had to do was walk across the street. The only good thing about moving to Etobicoke was my parents business was very close to our new house, minutes away, this way my parents could be home more with us. Growing up i had 4 pets, two goldfishes and two dogs, my currents dog name is Happy, and she’s a beasion. Happy can get pretty annoying at times but i love her to death. As time progressed living in Etobicoke, I started making friends, things weren’t all that bad as I imagined, I even met a girl. Throughout moving, i can say; things happen for a reason, good things fall apart so better things can fall together. If I’d known I’d meet the girl of my dreams four years ago, I’d have no problem moving. The unknowing is the scary part, no one knows what the future lies for us, as for the future living in Scarborough, playing basketball all the time had me imagined myself as a basketball player. When people asked what I wanted to be when I grow up I said a basketball player, that was four years ago though. Nowadays my interests and goals differ from what I once wanted, my goal before was to practice enough each day and get a scalorship for the NBA, I didn’t feel the need to go to school or to create something of myself, but things changed, I changed. My goal now is to go to York University and to study Criminology; the police force really interests me. When I look back on the years I lived in Scarborough to now, I look at how much I changed not only me but everything around me. My plans for life is to finish University, get my degree, apply for the police academy and marry the girl of my dreams. As for the girl of my dreams, we met in math class in grade twelve. We’d been in the same grade since grade ten yet hadn’t noticed each other at all. It wasn’t until February; second semester I knew that coming to this school had finally fulfilled its purpose. I was shy to talk to her; she sat in that back while i sat in the front. We didn’t talk much that semester but I knew I had to talk to her. It wasn’t until I decided to come back for a year to upgrade my marks that I saw she had come back. From then on I knew it was destiny, soon after months of getting to know each other we started dating and have been together ever since, something about her was different than any other girl I’ve dated, she made me do things that I didn’t like doing but somehow she persuaded me like getting my grade up or reading books. I hated reading but somehow, someway I ended up finding a book I really liked, it was called the hunger games. I developed skills I never knew I had being with her like art. If it weren’t for her asking me to draw a picture for her I’d never found out I could draw. Moving a Etobicoke had really changed me as a person. Even though I left a lot behind in Scarborough, I found better things in Etobicoke. Looking back at life now, I realized there’s so much more to life, so many things I’d liked to do, like travel for example. I’d love to travel all of Europe, I’d love to be on a game show and win money but what I’d most want to in life is go sky diving. Life’s too short to hold back and to be worrying all the time, you should always make the most out of each day because life gives us the biggest surprises sometimes like when my grandpa passed away in Korea. I didn’t know my Grandpa, only what my grandma told me about him. He passed when my dad was only a little boy, I think back now growing up without a father figure must have been hard for my father, I know if I ever lost my father I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I and father hardly ever agree on anything, we argue almost every day but in the end I know he’s only looking out for me especially with school. I and my dad have had so many memories together, he’s been there since day one and he’s the one who taught me how to fish. I caught my first fish when I was ten; it was one of the best feelings. My mom is my everything; she always puts me and my sister first. I remember when I had a science project and needed supplies, she rushed from work and went to stables and grabbed some things. Having both my parents in my life is a blessing, every Sunday we go to church, not only to pray but to give thanks for another day because nowadays people take life for granted and life’s not always a guarantee. I’m thankful for both my parents in my life; I know a lot of people who don’t have either or parent in their life. I’m very applicative for everything I have in life right now. The image in my head of my future is clear to me now, I know what needs to be done and what I haven’t yet accomplished but till then I’m just a nineteen year old guy living each day to the fullest, enjoying life and making the best out of every moment.

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