Movies That Should Be Considered in Top 100 List

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, National Football League, Want Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: June 13, 2013
Movies I think should be on the 100 movies list
Black Hawk Down
This movie shows the values and strength of our American soldiers. This movie represents the caring nature of American people, and how we go out of our way to help those in need. In the movie, a powerful warlord with a large force of heavily-armed Somalis is stealing the food from the people of Somalia. 123 American soldiers drop into Somalia to capture the Warlord and end the people’s suffering. Batman (all three could be on list)

I think these movies could be considered movies which show the values American’s strive to obtain. In the movie, Bruce Wayne defends and protects the city of Gotham from villains. He recues countless citizens from danger and never sought to gain praise from the people. He did what he did for the people, and didn’t expect anything in return. In the end of the second movie, he even takes the blame for an unfortunate event for the good of the people. This movie shows the effects humility will have on you. The Blind Side

I was actually pretty surprised not to see this movie on the list. This movie demonstrates that every person in the world has complete control over their destiny, and that anything is possible with determination. In the movie, a homeless boy is taken in by a very kind and magnanimous family. With their support and love, he evolves into an amazing football player and eventually plays in the National Football League. Shrek

I think this movie reminds me of how there is a lot of judgment in our society and that people aren’t even the given a chance prove themselves. In the movie, an ogre named Shrek goes on an adventure to free his swamp of all the creatures banished there. Along the way he is made fun of, feared, and hunted just because of what he is. During the movie, you learn of his true nature and that he is completely different from what others expect him to be. This movie reminds me of the golden rule we are taught in school to be better people. Treat...
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