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Movies at home vs. Movies at theaters

By jzi087 Oct 10, 2013 335 Words
Should you watch a movie at home or go to your nearest theater. It's really all up you to decide if you want to see a new movie or an old one at home.Because there's pros and cons for both places.

First, let me tell you the cons about staying home to watch a movie. Yes your at home in your personal area but when you have guest over you can't be in your confortable clothes. Than on top that, they talk during the movie and move around all the time. Besides seeing only the negative things about staying in, the police thing is you save money. You don't have to waste gas, spend money on food, and you don't have to buy a ticket for your house. Especially when you don't have money it's a good idea to say home.

Theaters are a good place to go if you want to watch any movie that has recently came out. Go with family and friends to enjoy a movie and give opinions about the movie at the end. They also have games and could buy food before your movie to keep you occupied. It's gets really crowed on weekend because everyone wants to see it first and have to dress up out of your comfortable clothes. Watching movies at home can't be as good as going to the theater. Your comfertable, your own food, it's cheaper, and really don't have to get out of your seat. Watching movies at theaters are good as being at home. You get a big screen with loud sound, everyone is quieter than home, different foods at one place, and you get to see it first. They are both still good ideas.

The point is to enjoy the movie by being entertain by famous actors and types of action, romance, or horror movie. It still consumes time and are bascially paying for the time. It's your opinion That determines if the movie is good or bad, not the place.

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