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Film 8: Genre - MIDTERM ESSAY
Hollywood War Films
Spring 2014

The two movies that I picked are All Quiet in the Western Front (1930, Lewis Milestone) and The Dawn Patrol (1938, Edmund Goulding). Both of the movies are about the World War One and these two movies are my absolute favorite. But there are some similarities in the presentation of moral choices characters have made in the two movies I have selected. One of the moral characteristics of the characters in this two movies have on common is that all of the soldiers are willing to sacrifice themselves to save their country even though they don’t know what they are getting into. Some of the men even think that war is something fun and exciting, and getting into the battlefield is something to look forward to. You can see in All Quiet on the Western Front that in beginning of the movie, the young soldiers are so excited to get dressed in their army suits and are ready to fight. When one of the soldiers mother saw his son putting on that uniform, she got shocked and scared. And in The Dawn Patrol, most of the young soldiers are so happy to be there but the experienced ones know that most of them are not going to make it. For example, when Scotty saw his brother, Donnie quitted school and joined the army, he got really concerned because he knew that he was too young, he did not get enough training and was never going to make it. Secondly, all of the new soldiers from both of the movies get really emotional and sad when someone died. One of the soldier, Paul, in All quiet on the Western Front, he felt so guilty after he stabbed one of his enemy in his chest with a knife, that he even asked the enemy to give him his address, so that he can write to his wife, or they can even be friends if it was not for the war. Meanwhile in The Dawn Patrol, Hollister was so sad that his best friend, Bobby, did not make it. He got so sad and said that they did not even gave him time to unpack. But some of...
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