Movie' s Impact on Fashion

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Movie’ s Impact on Fashion
Fashion seems like it never has a constant mode. What makes it change so fast? It depends on many reasons includ movies. A famous movie could lead an entirely new trend. It changes people’ s dressing style, affects designers, and also decides the destiny of certain brands.

Every time when we watch a new movie that we are really interested in, we will be more or less affected by it and we don’t even notice it. This kind of effect plays a really important role in fashion world. First, we all know that people always prefer to dress like their idols, therefore; when their idol plays in a new movie, people will imitate the styles that they had shown in that movie. Maybe this behavior looks irrational, but we can’t blame them because every movie has its own fashion director. This person will try his best to make every character that had shown in the movie look perfect and attractive. Finally, as there are more and more imitators, the true fashion trend was formed. For example, after “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was released, almost every women owned a little black dress. Movie affects fashion through the people who are really attracted by this movie.

In the fashion world, famous designers looks like the person who controls the trend of fashion. they also get inspiration from movies. Classic movies especially have a long lasting effect on fashion. The classic figures always offer them new ideas for collection. For instance, John Galliano use the figure that Chaplin had shown in his classic movie “Modern Times” for his 2011 spring menswear show, the whole collection was filled with baggy pants and tight-fitting jackets that were totally Chaplin style. In fact, one classic figure can be used as fashion inspiration many times. We can always find the classic elements in new fashion items. Just like the Chaplin style, designer Hedi Slimane that works for Dior also introduced a similar collection in 2009. It can be said that there is no doubt...
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