Movie Review: A Bronx Tale

Topics: Robert De Niro, A Bronx Tale, Joe Pesci Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: May 22, 2006
A Bronx Tale is a movie about a boy named Cologero who is torn between his bus drivning father, Lorenzo (Robert De Niro) and a local mob boss named Sonny (Chazz Palaminteri).Cologero witnesses a shooting outside his apartment involving Sonny. Cologero is then asked to identify the shooter. Knowing what the conciquences would be, Cologero lies and says he doesn't recognise the shooter all the while knowing it was Sonny. Sonny then sees something within Cologreo and takes him under his wing and teaches him all about the streets and making people respect you. This angers Lorenzo who doesn't want to see his son grow up to be a street gangster instead tries to tell him that "The workign man is the tough guy." Of course as a willful kid he disobeys his father and continues to go to the bar and be a part of this lifestyle. Cologero then has two fathers, one who he lives with and signs his report cards. And one who he runs errands for and rules the street with.This movie tackles all aspects of the 1960's New York. Race and the importance of the neighborhood are all issues that easily recognisable here.All the actors on display pull out great performances. De Niro as usual is on form and has worked wonderfully in his directorial debut. It makes you wonder why he isn't directing more nowadays. But my hat has to go off to Chazz Palaminteri who is effectivly convincing as the street wise gangster Sonny.There are twists in the plot as the story continues and soon comes together for the very convincing ending (With a brief appearance from Joe Pesci). The last line is excellent, with the narrator saying, "To all New Yorkers, my story is just another Bronx Tale."The only thing I would complain about this film is that there is to much 60's music, it's all good but I feel it's overused.I think this film appeals to everyone, it will warm your heart and change your life. I think this is the most underrated film I've ever seen.
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