Movie Review The Wolf Of Wall Street

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Movie review The Wolf of Wall Street
When I went to see this movie for the first time, I didn't have too great of expectations for the film as a whole. However, this movie exceeded all my expectations and it is unquestionably one of the best films I have ever seen.

The Wolf Of Wall Street centers on the life of materialistic stock broker Jordan Belfort; a guy in his mid twenty's whose aspiration in life is to get as rich; high and drunk as possible. The film starts by showing Jordan who founded the investment firm Stratton Oakmont in an abandoned garage in Long Island, NY with the help of Donnie Azoff played by Jonah Hill, and eventually leads to the success of owning a large office space with hundreds of aspiring stockbrokers. After the companies enormousness success it shows Jordan and company swindling there way to a large personal fortune. A large amount of money went in to funding a drug fueled social life.

DiCaprio gives one of the, if not his best, performances of his life. He's energetic, fun, and ultimately, becomes this character of Belfort. He completely throws himself into this absurd, strange world and holds the audiences attention for incredibly long periods of time. And surprisingly, DiCaprio is actually incredibly funny within this film. There were points where I laughed out loud thanks to DiCaprio’s delivery. Jonah Hill, as well, gives a lavishly awesome performance as Belfort's right hand man, Donnie Azoff. Again, he dives in and becomes this obscene, strange character, and gives the performance of his career. Smaller roles include Margot Robbie, who plays Belfort's 2nd wife Naomi, who is perfectly cast! She's beautiful, strong and matches the role perfectly. Matthew McConaughey has another small role, but his is certainly memorable, and he performs brilliantly.

There are so many scenes in this film that I could talk about, but I won't because I'm not sure I know what to say to do them justice. I will say though, during the overdose scene, I

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