Movie Review: The Lives of Others

Topics: The Lives of Others, Marriage, Love Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: April 8, 2008
You will have to forgive me because I cannot speak German, nor can I spell it, therefore this response will be particularly informal. That said, I rented the movie, watched it, watched the deleted scenes, and I confess, I watched the Director’s Interview. I could not help myself. I must give credit where credit is due so I will site any ideas that I took from Florian Henckel Von Donnersmark.

Wiesler is the character on whom the action takes place. He is meticulous and upright the entire time. He was obviously trained in interrogation tactics and had become pretty impressive with his tactics. His heart is portrayed as hardened at the beginning. The classroom scene where the kid questions the humanity of his tactics tells the audience exactly who this guy is. A mean, green socialist machine – ready to do whatever it takes for his country and the greater good.

This is where it gets crazy. Weisler starts noticing things about his world when he takes on the surveillance gig. He notices three things (and this is according to the director.) First, His comrades are false. His friend, Grubitz who is a couple ranks above only wants to grow his career. The Minister Hemph is lustful and uses his power to take advantage of the actress. On top of this he notices that his target, Georg is a good man. He can’t help but see his good side, especially when the minister is more less raping his girlfriend! Thirdly, and much more subtly, he starts to notice the art in music. At the beginning of the movie they go to the play and the entire time he is looking for a “bad guy” he says that the writer is way to arrogant and needs to be watched. But by the end of the story he starts to see the beauty of music. I love the scene when he is almost crying while listening to the music.

There are so many great scenes in this movie. I would like to point out a few that seamed like turning points. 1.When Weisler enters the elevator with the boy would unwittingly incriminates his father....
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