Movie Review: the Dark Knight Rises

Topics: Batman, Joker, Batman Begins Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: February 8, 2013
The Dark Knight Never Fall

The Dark Knight Rises lets us have so many expectations. In 2005, when Christopher Nolan reinvents the Batman, the cloak knight has been in pitiful situation in the cinema's reputation. Now, just 7 years later, Nolan finished his three Batman grand suites with a stunning work. Nolan set the Batman Series so high, that no one can break this standard. Whether you think this movie is better or not than The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises is absolutely a satisfactory end -- the best superhero series finale. The story happened in Batman’s 8 year’s disappearance, which Batman with tremendous murder accused. Bruce Wayne is now a scarred recluse, but Gotham is under restoration; that a mask madman named Bane decided that it was time to destroy the city. Facing the new threat and the mysterious thief cat woman, Selina Kyle, Wayne decided to let the Dark Knight come back to Gotham. However, his close housekeeper Alfred’s leave, Cat woman’s betrayal, the true face of his lover Miranda, that all let his plan becomes impossible…… Sometimes the pit sends something back,but sometimes, a man rises from the darkness. Every superhero has his own weakness, that’s also what the director always put it into the movie. However, Nolan has explained this point in a totally different way. After the recovery, Batman had a step closer to ordinary people, he had his own fear. No one told him that great power comes with great responsibility, he also never has heroic utterance, and his struggle is being silent. Everything is just his inner struggle; however, this is the struggle that can let the audience feel. Most superhero movies have the same design, those superheroes always have something which is hard to express. When he overcomes his weak side, overcome the haunting fear in his mind for several years, Bruce without fear was born. “Be fearless” also became one of his characteristics. Surprisingly, the movie fully explains the role of fear from another...
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