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Movie Review on Women in Black

Topics: Horror film, Film, Harry Potter, Ghost, Audience, Horror and terror / Pages: 4 (755 words) / Published: Mar 15th, 2013
The Woman In Black (TV 1989)
Based on the novel by Susan Hill
Directed by Herbert Wise
Haunted Secrets by Divya Jain
November 29th, 2011
Rating: 4.5/5
Running Time: 100 minutes
We are always told not to judge a book by its cover. In the same way, even though The Woman In Black is an old movie, its director and cast have definitely brought justice to ghost stories. It builds up spookiness throughout the whole movie, which enhances the plot and the audiences’ reaction to the scares that occur during the film I like to refer to it as “The British Ghost Chiller” because it brings goosebumps to the bravest of audiences.
Adrian Rawlins plays the role of a young solicitor, Arthur Kipp in this film. He can also be seen playing James Potter (Harry Potter’s father) in the Harry Potter film franchise of the novel series. Interestingly, Daniel Radcliffe (better known as playing Harry Potter) is playing Arthur Kipp in the 2012 version of The Woman In Black.
The story begins with Arthur Kidd who is sent by his boss, Sweetman (David Ryall), to take care of an estate left by an old widow. On the train ride to Crythin Gifford, a secluded marketplace town, Arthur meets Sam Toovey (Bernard Hepton) who helps him find a place to stay. Arthur is to arrive at the town and sell the house in a short period of time, once any important papers or personal belongings of the deceased widow, Alice Drablow, had been cleared out.
Every now and then he witnesses a woman in black (played by Pauline Moran) around the property who disappears as quickly as she appears. After going through many personal and important belongings of Alice Drablow, Arthur finds mysterious secrets that that no one had told him. The secrets lead to Arthur’s curiosity to uncover the story of Alice Drablow’s past, and the mystery behind the woman in black.
I am a fan of ghost movies and the fact that they give me goosebumps. The darkness of our classroom added to the creepy nature of the movie. Watching with more than just some friends also built the anxiety and fright. When everyone got scared the feeling spread so that even those who may not have been scared screamed too because of everyone’s frightful reaction. The Woman in Black revolves around suspense. It has the natural tone of a ghost story which keeps the audience predicting that something is going to pop out of nowhere. The suspense eventually builds up to such an extent that you forget about it and let your guard down. Then when you least expect it, something pops out of thin air. It seems like an ordinary situation for a horror movie or ghost story; however people sometimes don’t realize that it is very effective.
The filming technique of slow scenes builds the audiences’ anticipation even further. Generally in horror movies or ghost story movies, you are waiting for something to jump out at you. The Woman in Black forces you to drop your safety guard and get you really frightened when the big scare actually does appear.
What I really liked about this ghost story in particular is that everything is revealed in parts. The secrets and surprises are separated so that by the time you reach the end you are still in shock from the initial scare; the feeling stays with you.
Many people would also think that ghost stories aren’t really scary. This is however contradicted by the movie The Blair Witch Project which is a great ghost story. The movie was creepy for the simple reason that the people in the video were freaking out and getting really scared. This emotion was transferred to the audience since we don’t know what was going to happen just like the people in the film.
The soundtracks and sound effects also added to the suspense that our class felt. During many instances the sound effects imitated Arthur’s expressions, feelings and movement. The audience follows Arthur’s fear and panic at the same rate. This feeling spreads through the audience so fast that it’s as if we have become part of the story too.
Overall, an excellent ghost story that gives you the chills and keeps you jumping at shadows and sounds. If you love getting scared like me, this movie will get you to sleep with the lights on for a couple of nights. Highly recommended to any age group interested in getting a great scare.

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