Movie Review of Secret (2007 Taiwanese Film)

Topics: Piano, Secret, Jay Chou Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: January 18, 2013
SECRET (2007 Taiwanese Film)

* Jay Chou as Ye Xianglun - A music student majoring in piano and lives with his father * Kwai Lun-mei as Lu Xiaoyu - A music student who lives with her mother * Anthony Wong Chau-sang as Xianglun’s father - Xianglun's father and the discipline teacher at his school * Alice Tzeng as Qing Yi - Xianglun's classmate who is in love with him * Yuhao Zhan as Yu Hao - A music student and talented piano player, nicknamed "Prince of the piano", he had a "piano battle" with Xianglun

Secret is an amazing movie to look at and to listen to. The film tells a "simple but very beautiful" love story which is tied between past and present. The story, the music, the talent - you’ll really be amazed and be in love with it when you see it yourself. You can’t imagine that it would be magical. It’s a unique story, unpredictable and interesting. What's more interesting is there is more to it than what meets the eye. Careful attention must be paid to all scenes, or else the story won't click and the end won't be as good. Here's the spoil. Ye Xianglun is a budding musical genius whose way with piano keys makes him a hit with the ladies, and even the guys, who recognize talent when they see it. Ye arrives at Tanjiang Art School and already he's being watched, but his eyes and heart are immediately stolen by Lu Xiaoyu, an elegant, charming flirt who first happens upon Ye in the school's aged piano room. The two begin a cute, casual romance that's defined by secrets. Basically, Lu keeps them, starting with her name, then extending them to other things like where she goes, what she does, and why she's always absent from class. Since she's so effervescent and attractive, Ye is immediately smitten. Ye has a secret too, but I'll give it away: his dad is a teacher at the school, and he's played by Anthony Wong in an amusing performance that's vintage Wong. Ye also has some friends at school who aren't as amusing, and even qualify as...
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