Movie Review of Jack and Jill

Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: December 11, 2011
Jack and Jill stars Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes and, Al Pachino. The movie is about a guy named Jack, played by Adam Sandler, who has a twin sister named Jill, whom is also played by Adam Sandler. Jill is on a vacation and decides to pay her brother a visit which leaves Sandler and viewers like me very annoyed. Many people are critiquing the movie for its trailer, and very clichéd premise. Unlike many, I am still a huge fan of good old’ Billy Madison and was willing to bite the status quo bullet.

Its quite funny, the facial expression I had for majority of the movie’s duration, was the exact one Sandler had in the movie’s promo poster.

I really like Sandler and enjoy most of his movie, but Jack and Jill most definitely isn’t one of them. There are a lot of flaws to the movie. Firstly, the movie has no idea what its demographic is. For a PG rated film, there are too many racist jokes, and some of them kids won’t even understand, which leaves the lines pointless. One of my biggest problems with the film is Sandler’s character of Jill. She is not funny at all, and incredibly annoying. Being that the purpose of her character is to be annoying, she should also be intriguing to watch on screen but instead was intriguing off. The voice, the character, the look, I hated it all. In the end of the movie Al Pachino (Yes you read right), comments on footage he is watching and says, “Burn every copy, don’t ever let this see the public light.” This is exactly what I felt the makers of this movie should’ve done.
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