Movie Review of "Gladiator" the Movie

Topics: Marcus Aurelius, Roman Empire, Ancient Rome Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: October 8, 2010

The story is about Maximus, one of the leading generals in the Roman army. He led the Romans to victory in a decisive battle with the Barbarians that ended a long war between them. This victory helped him gain trust and favour from the old Emperor Marcus Aurelius, which is now old and near his end. Emperor Aurelius wishes to appoint Maximus as the temporary leader of Rome, even though he has a son, Commodus. Commodus, being told by his father that he would not be the appointed emperor, murders Marcus in a fit of rage and claims the throne. He then ordered the execution of Maximus to secure his claim to the throne. Maximus escaped execution, but he was unable to save his son and wife in Spain from the soldiers that Commodus sent. After burying them, Maximus was then found unconscious by slave traders and was taken to Zucchabar ,a small Roman province in Africa. He was then sold to slavery and forced to become a gladiator. Eventually, Maximus and his fellow gladiators are sent to Rome to perform for Commodus. Maximus then wastes no time in making his presence known and reveals his true identity in front of Commodus and the masses. He is soon involved in a plot to overthrow the emperor with his former lover, Lucilla, Commodus’ sister whom he lusts and is the mother of Lucius. Commodus now learns of the plot and made his soldiers attack the gladiator school on the night of Maximus’ attempted escape. Maximus’ fellow gladiators where killed while the survivors were imprisoned along with his friend Juba. Maximus makes it to the city walls, but Cicero, who was waiting for him with horses, is killed by archers and Maximus is arrested by the guards. Commodus then arranges a duel between him and Maximus to settle it all up. Knowing that Maximus is a better fighter, Commodus then stabs the restrained Maximus with a knife before their bout. Despite his injury, Maximus defeated Commodus by driving a knife into his neck. Maximus, now dying from his...
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