Movie Review: Good Burger

Topics: Good Burger, Hamburger, English-language films Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: May 17, 2012
Good Burger
Ed, a devoted worker at a local hamburger place “good burger” and Dexter, a struggling student who just can’t wait for summer are brought together after Ed’s Rollerblading causes Dexter to crash into one of his teachers while driving without a license. The bills from the crash cause Dexter to have to get the one thing he never dreamed of, a summer job. After applying for a job at good burger’s soon to be competition “Mondo Burger” and failing miserably he finds himself wallowing in his self-pity at good burger where he meets Ed not realizing that he is the same person who caused all the commotion. Ed is waiting on Dexter but being the good hearted person that he is notices that Dexter is troubled, after hearing that he is desperate for a job he convinces his manager to let him have a job at good burger as a delivery boy. A few short days later Mondo burger opens its doors cutting off all the power to good burger on the opening night and destroying whatever hopes of having any customers that good burger had with its burgers that are twice the size. Good burger falls hard in the dirt as they sit day after day and watch Mondo burger rain in the customers. One day after work Dexter sees Ed on his rollerblades it sparks his memory of Ed riding in front of his car, this sets Dexter off into a rage that unleashes upon Ed. The next day at lunch Ed’s cluelessness makes him think that nothing is wrong, although Dexter is short with him Ed just keeps making conversation until Dexter has no choice but to forgive him, during the same lunch Ed pulls out his sauce which Dexter realizes is really good and gets the boss to start putting it on all the good burgers. The sauce is a hit and puts good burger back in business and crushing Mondo burger. Dexter writes up a contract stating that since it was his idea to put the sauce on the burgers that he would get a percentage of Ed’s money from the sauce, which in this case is more than half. Meanwhile Mondo burger is...
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