Movie Review: Finding Forrester

Topics: Finding Forrester, Sean Connery, Gus Van Sant Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: June 19, 2011

A must see! “Finding Forrester” is a sweet, heartwarming and inspiring movie about the trials and tribulations we all face to find our place in this world. Not only does it teach us the power of words but also the importance of loyalty, friendship and overcoming our fears. Picture an inner city kid with an amazing intellect and love for writing who has to hide it from friends, family and teachers to be able to fit in to what he considers is his world. Then picture an astounding award winning writer that for some reason goes into seclusion after writing what was called the greatest book of the 20th century, never to be seen again. Until one fateful day they meet and from there an uncommon bond of friendship ensues that changes both of their lives forever.

Written by Mike Rich and directed by Gus Van Sant, “Finding Forrester” (2000) introduces an all-star cast with Academy Award winner Sir Sean Connery, better known for his portrayal of secret agent James Bond, leading the way as William Forrester. Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus 1984) co-stars in this film as the antagonistic Prof. Crawford. Academy Award winner Anna Paquin (known for her role in the X-Men trilogy) plays Claire a rich girl who becomes a friend and love interest to our other leading man, Rob Brown Coach Carter, The Express) as Jamal in his first starring role. A story of two men from different worlds, whose common interest for the written word brings them together and tests their integrity and loyalty to each other.

The movie starts off in a bedroom and a close up of a stack of literary books not commonly seen in a kids’ bedroom in the Bronx. That is where our young leading man Jamal is introduced. He wakes up in a hurry and goes out to meet with his friends at the neighborhood basketball court. They start talking about “the window” a man no one has seen but everyone has heard of. Speculations of who he is and what he has done are shared...
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