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Strange Aimer

Sam Shakusky, a 12-year old orphan and Khaki scout trainee, and Suzy Bishop, also 12, live on an island North of England called New Penzance. They both met on a theatrical play held in the church and then became pen pals. The two started to exchange letters and talked about each other’s life. They both fell in love with each other and decided to run away and live on their own. After the news of their absence has been spread, the community started to act to bring them back. Thus, the romantic convolutions between Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop; caused a disruption within the ‘stagnant’ plot, brought the involvement of different characters, and changed the portrayal of each scene in the movie.

The community of New Penzance was stagnant. The people keep doing the same thing every day, and the community was divided into groups of people, for example; the Khaki Scout, the Island Patrol, and etc. These things keep the whole community to be stationary in a way that there was no unity among them. In addition, there were also dictated guidelines on how a person should act and behave. There were rules to be followed, and a person should not act differently from others. But in the end, everything changed when Sam and Suzy finally decided to run away and lives on their own.

After the upbringing, the whole community started to find the love, between Sam and Suzy, harmful. It caused the disruption within the stagnant plot of the story, in a way that they were different from what was usually considered correct by the norm. This disruption elevated the twists and turns of the events within the movie. Also because of this, the members of the community started to suffer, and started to find a solution on how to solve this disruption within the community. From living normal, the members of the community started to form this consciousness to each other that resulted to their own involvement in the love between Sam...
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