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Topics: Taken, Action film, Gang Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Cindy Smith
English 101
February 17th, 2013
Action films have always seemed to be my favorite type of film since they are different from others. Action movies show us that life can be dangerous, disappointing, wonderful, innocent, and normal all at once. Under different aspects of life’s journey. A movie that has all those aspects would be Taken (2008), this film demonstrates how strong a father’s love is, and what he will go through to save his daughters life. Directed by Pierre Morel this film is not only an action film but also a crime and thriller which is what makes this film all the more interesting. This film has a unique and original story line. Liam Neeson, plays Bryan Mills, the father of seventeen year old Kim Mills who is played by Maggie Grace. Kim lives with her mother, Lenore, played by Famke Janssen, and her stepfather Stuart, who is played by Xander Berkeley. For Kim’s birthday she begs and pleads her father to let her go on vacation to Paris with her friend Amanda who is played by Katie Cassidy. At first her father is a bit hesitant toward the idea but Kim’s mother convinces him into letting her go. Once Kim and Amanda arrive in Paris, Amanda shares with Kim that her family, in which they were supposed to stay with, is on vacation and they would be alone in their house. The girls then trying to catch a taxi, to their home, find a stranger introducing himself, and he asks the girls if they would like to share a taxi. The girls agreed. On the way to the house Amanda states out loud in front of the stranger that they would be staying alone in Paris. The stranger is a part of an Albanian gang of human traffickers. After hearing that the girls would be alone he phones his fellow members so inform them on the information he just received and to be waiting inside their home. Kim and Amanda have no idea what is being planned for them until Kim’s father calls her and she answers the phone in another room. While on the phone with her father, a...
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