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Movie Review

By norazyanti Oct 28, 2012 1456 Words
( INC 410 )


Synopsis of Hoore Hoore film

The film of Hoore Hoore tells the story of a woman name Nurul Iman with a relatively stout body and not too pretty, but have a good heart. However, the regular feminine characteristics such as other girls still have on Nurul Iman. Nurul Iman have two good friends name Lana and Azadan. They are the kids from hometown and a school. They are close and have a friendly relationship . His mother named Lia, and her father named Hairil. Nurul Iman grandmother named Nenda Zaimah and stay with them.

In schools, Nurul Iman have a friend named Johari, someone who a handsome and have a smart looking. Johari secretly loves Nurul Iman. Meanwhile, Lana and Rita , a beautiful and popular school friends also very interested in Johari. Rita is a girl who have a big egos and is always looking for a trouble with Nurul Iman. Johari father is also a ustad that known as Mr Murshid. At the same time, Nurul Iman was urged to the Queen of Dreams contest organized by a magazine. Rita also entered the competition. When Rita knowing that Aiman ​​also joined the competition, various attempts have been rita shake effort to do. Such challenges by Nurul Iman ​​not only from her arch rival of Rita but also society's dim view of its intention.

Hoore Hoore

Saw Teong Hin

Family, musicals, comedy and romance

Akim AF, kila fairy, Nurfarah Nazirah, Harun Salim Bachik, Adibah Noor, Noor Sahronozam, hj Aznil Nawawi, Corey Nawi, Nur Shazwana, AFI Faris, Shahila Shariff, Syafiqah Md. Jemey, Nabil Mohamad, Mohd Faiz.

Hoore Hoore musical film using a network of popular songs he. All songs are getting touch by the composer Audi Mok. Among the songs chosen are; Joking Dipasiran Beach, Old Bikes, Simple Living, Hoore! Hoore!, Final Greetings, Love, Who Owned Gadiskah This, Merisik News, Dad and Mom, Rainbow Evening, One Thousand Million Smiles, Son Shepherd, Isolated and Balik Kampung.



* We are interact with others for every day.
* We do not relate and then talk , but relate in talk.
* How you develop connection to others.
* It is impossible not to communicate.
* Even silence or not speaking or striking a pose is still considered communication. * So there is no way not to communicate. 
Movie review :

In this scene, show that they connect each others while they sing and dance. Iman, Rita, Johari, Lana and others connect even they are not in one team. Which is mean Rita hates Nurul Iman, but they can still connecting each others.


* When you communicate to someone you cannot turn back time and reverse what you said. * Once you said something to person you cannot take it back. * Be aware of what you say because you cannot go back in a time machine and change it.

Movie Review :

Example for this element of interpersonal is when Nurul Iman mother said something that was hurt Nenda Zaida.

The dialogue is :
Adibah Noor: habis mak nak Aiman ikut jejak langkah mak masuk ratu kebaya ke? Nak masuk neraka?

Fauziah Nawi: Malam ni baru mak tahu yang syurga dan neraka tu Lia yang tetapkan....


* No form of communication is simple.
* Communication theorists have note that whenever you communicate with others person , they are really at least six people involved : * Who you think you are ?
* Who you think the other person is ?
* Who you think the other person think you are ?
* Who are the other person thinks he or she is ?
* Who the other person thinks you are ?
* Who the other person thinks you thinks he or she is ?
Movie Review :

In this movie,I found that Azadan and Lana think that Nurul Iman is not suitable for take an apart for “Ratu Idola” competition. Because he think that Nurul Iman is a fatty girl who not have any figure shape. But on the other side, Nurul Iman think that she deserve to join the competition. Its shown the element of complicated in thinking who is he or she and shown the misunderstanding. Example dialogue :

Azadan : Hei Iman, kau tahu tak orang yang masuk Ratu Idola tu badan dia macam kerengga ! ada bentuk. Tapi badan kau macam bentuk 8 ! macam sarung nangka ! Lana : Iman, kau dah buang tebiat tahu tak.

4. INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION INVOLVES BOTH CONTENT AND RELATIONSHIP DIMENSIONS. * What you say ( word ) and how you say it ( tone of voices, eye contact, etc ) * Its reveal about the true meaning of your message.

* What you say and how you say it provide information not only about content but also about the relationship. Movie Review :

In this situation, shown that Johari try to say something about stomache. But its say it in a word that make Rita cant understand it. Then Johari friend was interpret the word into the real word to make Rita understand it. The dialogue :

Johari : Jo nak balik dulu.
Rita : Jo nak pergi mana ?
Johari : Jo nak pergi lepaskan hajat.
Rita : Lepaskan hajat ? ape tu ?
Johari Friend : nak pergi berak la tu ! haha

5. INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION IS ABOUT AVOID COMPARING YOURSELF WITH OTHERS. * We are compared with others, rather than celebriting own uniqueness. * Comparison such as “she looks better than I look” are likely to deflate our self-worth. * Avoiding judging your own value by comparing yourself with others. Movie Review :

Example for this element of interpersonal is when Nurul Iman trying to compare about herself with another person or girl who is more beautiful. But Nenda Zaida was try to stop Nurul Iman from comparing self with other. Avoid judging ownself with others. The dialogue :

Nurul Iman : betul ke nek ? Iman buruk ?
Nenda Zaida : Iman lawa apa . cantik tu dari hati. Buat apa muka cantik macam bidadari tapi perangai jingai. Pedulikan ape orang nak kata.

6. INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION IMPROVED RELATIONSHIP WITH FAMILY * Family relationship play a major role in determining how you interact with others. * The largers single factor determining the the kinds of relationship with others. * Being able to have conversation with family members and loved ones is the fundamental way of establishing close, personal relationship with them. Movie Review :

Example for this element of interpersonal communication that show in this movie is when Encik Hairil and Puan Lia, parents of Nurul Iman want to go for Umrah. They beg for forgiveness from each others. Its bridging the family relationship among them and village peoples. The dialogue :

( En. Hairil and Nenda Zaida )
En. Hairil : hairil pergi dulu. Hairil minta mak doakan semua halal, selamat pergi dan kembali. Nenda Zaida : mak dah halal kan segalanya. Mak dah maafkan segalanya. Pergi dan balik dengan tenang. ( Nurul Iman dan Puan Lia )

Nurul Iman : mak, iman minta maaf. Ampunkan segalanya. Iman selalu buat mak risau dan sedih. Puan Lia : mak sayang Iman !


* Developing friendship and falling in love are the top-rated sources of satisfaction and happines in life. * Studying interpersonal communication may not unravel all the mysteries of romantic love and friendship. * Its also can offer insight into behaviors.

Movie Review :

In this element, love between Johari an Nurul Iman show when they hang out together. Johari was in love with Nurul Iman for along time ago as well as Nurul Iman. They love each others. But not say it in word. Only with body language and eye contact.


* Colleague are like a family members.
* Understanding how relationship develop can help you avoid conflict. * Abilities to listen to others, manage conflict and develop quality interpersonal relationship with others. Movie Review :

In this movie, we can see clearly the relationship between Nurul Iman, Azadan and Lana are so close or tightly. They are always together. Even where have they go, they always together.


* Develop general pattern or style of social.
* Socialisation using media.
Movie Review :

Connecting others using social media.


* Be more sensitive to criticism and negative feedback from others. * Be more critical of others.
* Belive they are not popular or respected by others.
* Expected to be rejected by others.
* Prefer not to be observed while performing.
* Expect to lose when competing with others.
Movie Review :

In this situation, Rita try to mocking Nurul Iman when they together joining the competition. She say anything to get down Nurul Iman from that competition. Rita believe Nurul Iman will lose in this competition.

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