Movie Report on the Percy Jackson

Topics: Greek mythology, Entertainment, Film Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: January 18, 2014

MOVIE REPORT: “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”
Last Thursday, November 14, 2013, we watched Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, a movie adaptation from the book entitled the same. Basically, the movie is about mythology, specifically, Greek Mythology. It tackles of the different “gods” of the past, their powers, origin, life, and more. Different creatures such as Titans, Cyclops, and Hecatoncheires were also shown. The movie, therefore, is truly a great way for people to be entertained while giving them tons of information about what might as well been the history of the world. At first, I thought that the movie would be just like any other adventure and action tales, based too, on my classmates’ comments about the book. I thought it wouldn’t be that interesting for I already know a little about Greek Mythology. But I was definitely wrong. I haven’t read the book from where the movie came from nor watched the movie itself, but I know that the story revolves around the said mythology and that the characters are basically the so-called “gods”. But the movie, or the book, is more than that. It makes you visualize what the ancient gods might really look like. It shows people of the powers they possess and how they use them promptly to maintain the balance of the world. Moreover, the movie doesn’t only give people entertainment by the story of fiction it offers, but it also educates people in terms of history and myths. The movie is packed with the right doses of action, adventure, and comedy. The movie is definitely, not in any way, boring. It is the kind of movie where you would really be focused on and where you wouldn’t want to lose sight of. The story is not purely fictional. And that’s what I love about this movie, about its book. It does not just give entertainment; it also gives knowledge and understanding to people. It also is one way for people to remember and give importance to history. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the movie I would recommend...
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