Movie Ratatouille

Topics: Rat, Future, Time Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: September 6, 2011
MOTIVATION: (Time duration: 13:49 to 24:59)
If you focus on what you left behind you will never see what lies ahead! This sentence was told by Gusteu to Remy.
When remy lost his family he looks through Gusteau's book Anyone can cook, turning the pages Gusteu’s illustration comes to life and encourage remy to look around and remy realize that he is next to the restaurant of his dream : Guesteu’s. Remy is encouraged to promote his talent. He eventually learns that it is better to accept who is he rather than pretending to be somebody else. Remy motivated to work in different way as Remy is bored with his job food sniffer and feels he doesn't fit in with the rest of the rats. He wants something more. He got the chance to make the recipe and he make it.

DEVELOPING CO-OPERATION AND COLLABORATION: (Time duration: 29:34 to 40:25) Linguine has Remy in a jar and is ready to throw it into the canal when Linguine discovers that the rat understands him. He also knows that it was the rat who saved the soup.Linguine lets the rat go, and Remy makes a run for it, but returns to Linguine, hoping they can work together. Being our self is not only important thing, we also need to trust and work with others. FUNCTION OF COLLABORATION

Alternative ideas and solution|
Mutual support|
Collective Action|
Expansion of resources|

According to above theory we can see that Reny and linguini learn that their partnership can only work when they both work together and help each other. They come up with new idea about how to work with each other. Linguine covers his eyes work on remy’s instructs, as he trust on remy. After so many mistakes Linguine and Remy finally get it right and work together.

CONFLICT:( (Time duration: 55:10 to 60:43)
Emile remy’s brother convinced Remy that he should come back to the colony, only for a visit. Django, Remy's father, makes the grand announcement of Remy's return . Django, treat...
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