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Topics: Train station, Dog, Train Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: October 11, 2013

Presentation length: ~ 7min
Tim preparing: 3 hours
The name’s movie : HACHIKO – A DOG’S STORY
Scene: 59:00 – 1:02:15
To rescue: to save someone or something from a situation of danger. Statue: an image of a person or animal that is made in solid material such as stone or metal. Loyalty: a feeling of support for someone or something.

Gratefulness: a feeling that you want to thank someone.
Be provoking someone emotions.
1. Title: Hachiko – A Dog’s Story
2. Topic: Hachiko, the name of the dog, was born in Odate Japan in 1923 a. Every morning, Hachiko walks with his master to the train station at 5:00am the he walks home by himself. At 7:00pm he comes back to pick up his master, and they walk home together. b. After his master passed away, Hachiko still waited for him at the train station everyday. Sadly, his maser never comes back. c. In the next 9 years, Hachiko died. Most of people are interested in Hachiko’s sad story, so the raised a fund to build his statue, and used the rest of that fund to continue to rescue the other dogs as well. 3. Themes of the movie

a. You can see the loyalty and gratefulness form Hachiko towards his master. b. Sharing the warm hearts.
4. Scene: Hachiko waits for his master at the train station. He doesn’t know his master passed away, so he still waits even day and night during dark, cold rain and snow. 5. Conclusion: This scene does not have much dialogue, but it is provoking my emotions. You can see the patience of Hachiko and he always hopes his master come back. THE END -
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