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Topics: Jackson Pollock, Abstract expressionism, History of painting Pages: 3 (1246 words) Published: August 19, 2011
Unit 4 Assignment
Alison Williams

The movie “Pollock” staring Ed Harris as Jackson Pollock is a story of how art was affected by an artist. The movie follows the latter years of Pollock’s life as he rises to fame as a painter but also watches him struggle with life. American artist Jackson Pollock was an alcoholic, manic-depressant and often an uncontrollable, angry and insecure man. However, through one woman and when he painted, he found a sense of freedom and peace, a release from his anger and sadness. Out of tragedy he helped create a movement in Abstract Expressionism. This essay will focus on how this movie showed his last years as an artist, the art and movement he created, it’s tragic end and what as a student I have learned from this. The movie starts with Pollock living with his brother in New York City. He is drinking too much and takes no responsibility for what his is doing. You sense there is something broken within his family throughout the movie. Maybe jealousy of his family because of his abilities, there was a sense of Pollock wanting to be accepted and loved by those close to him, but them finding it hard to do so with his actions. During this time he meets Lee Krasner, another abstract artist played by Marcia Gay Harden. Standing by him during times of need and often taking care of she ended up becoming Pollock’s lover, wife, and biggest supporter. Knowing of Pollock’s alcohol abuse, anger and unpredictable behavior, she puts aside her own needs and aspirations. She recognized his talent and brilliance as an artist and wanted to see him succeed, forfeiting her own career. She also suffers the brunt of his cruelty, self-absorption, his infidelities, and his alcoholic rages. However, she balanced his erratic nature by being a strong supporter at his side. To get him away from the drinking, insecurity, and the stress of city life, they move to the Hamptons where nature and sobriety help Pollock achieve a breakthrough in style....

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