Movie Marketing Plan

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Movie Marketing Plan
Ideas and Images Private Limited

Executive Summary

Situation Analysis
Ideas and Images Private Limited was founded in 2010 by students of film making with a vision to develop new trend, and improve film making in Nepal. The main objective is to align innovation and quality in Nepali movie making to help the industry grow and go international. Apabad is their first venture, with which they want to establish themselves as the institution with uncompromising creativity. Basically, there are two markets in Nepali movies industry:

1. The mass market
2. The class market
The basic need of the market is pure entertainment. Yet the need for movies that makes people to think, the genre based movies, to be specific, is evolving. This need for quality movies for fewer but thinking and alert audience belonging to the class market is to be addressed by the introduction of the movie- Apabad.

Market Summary
As the team of Ideas and Images Private Limited are educated filmmakers, they have identified the pulse of the Nepali movie market. They have assumed attributes of the Nepali movie audiences and their expectations. They are well aware of the risk of targeting the class audience in a scenario when the mass targeted movies are failing consistently. However, the success of class oriented movies (such as Loot, Chapali Height) is tempting the risk to be worth taking. This success hints towards the need of genre based movies in the market. Thus this purpose of serving the class audience with their needs can be achieved by sticking to lower but optimal budget. Market Needs

Ideas and Images Private Limited will be providing the movie lovers with a quality movie having a story with which modern audience can empathize. The benefits assured for the class market audiences are: * Selection: The movie will be released in numerous multiplexes so the options are open about when and where to watch the movie. * Attention: With storyline based on social issue, the movie is likely to create the buzz in the audiences’ mind. Market Trend

The existing movie market was dependent on the mass audience with all the ‘masala’ or formula based movies. However, this larger group belonging to lower and middle class families are also shying away from theatres due to the repetitive storylines based mostly on action and stills. A new class market has emerged in the due process where audiences from middle and high class families are visiting theatres in search of good quality movies. This class market is not big enough but a promising one which shows signs of growth. Also, to compete with overseas industries (Hollywood, Bollywood), quality is not to be compromised. But the existing technical limitations and budget constraints are rocking the boat of the movie makers targeting class audience. Market Growth

Entertainment has always been among the primary needs for people. Capitalizing on this fact, optimism for movie making can be nurtured. However, in today’s world of educated audiences, entertainment is to be coupled with sensible subject. This demand is growing as the number of learned movie goers are on the rise. The fewer class market can take a giant leap if the movie makers can deliver movies that can touch base with their audience. Genre based movies has a wider growth prospect in Nepal especially when the transition in movie market from mass to class is ongoing. SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threat likely to be faced externally by Ideas and Images Private Limited: Strength

* Genre audience
* Extraordinary presentation
* Quality artists and performance
* Brilliant buzz and reviews
* Cross functional and educated team

* Limited budget
* Increasing class audience
* Recent success of genre based movies
* Presence of multiplexes...
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