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Project report on
Movie Marketing
Mr. Punit Ketan Thakkar
Div – B

Roll No – 109

Academic year 2010-2011
Project Guide
Prof. Pankaj Natu
30TH September, 2010
Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics
Vile Parle (W), Mumbai-400053


I, Punit Thakkar of SVKM’s Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics of TYBMS, hereby declare that I have completed the project on Movie Marketing in the academic year 2010-2011

The information is true and original to the best of my knowledge.

Punit Thakkar


I, Mr. Pankaj Natu, hereby certify that PUNIT THAKKAR of SVKM’s Narsee Monjee college of Commerce and Economics of TYBMS (Semester V) has completed the project on “Movie Marketing” in the academic year 2010-11 under my guidance.

Prof. Pankaj Natu

Prof. Sunil B Mantri

( Project Guide)


N.M. College

N.M. College



I would like to acknowledge the following for being the idealistic channel and fresh dimension in the completion of this project.
I take this opportunity to thank the University of Mumbai for giving me a chance to do this project.
I wish to appreciate the SVKM management for providing the state of the art facilities, the Principal Prof Sunil B. Mantri for his dynamic leadership and the library staff for their support in providing academic content, and the teaching and supporting staff of N.M. College, for providing the entire state of the art infrastructure and resources to enable the completion and enrichment of my project. I take this opportunity to thank our co-coordinator and my project guide, Prof. Pankaj Natu, for his moral support, guidance and intellect that made this project successful. I would like to thank our college library for having provided various reference books and magazines related to my project.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every person who directly or indirectly helped me in the completion of the project. Especially my parents and peers, who supported me throughout the project.



Gone are the days when the producer’s job ends once a movie is made. In this day and age it is imperative for every filmmaker to market his movie once it is completed. The lag between the completion and release of any movie can have a fatal effect if it is not promoted effectively and smartly. Thus, for a movie to stand out in the minds of the audience, it is important that the merit of the same is communicated to them in the most appropriate and meaningful way.

In the last five years, non-traditional media houses have opened up. But the fact that a producer can spend more doesn't really mean that he has to. When you say, you have spent so many crores, it isn't really something to be proud of. What really matters is how we spend the money.

Marketing surely has to translate into driving more people to the theatre on that first critical weekend. Today, with the change in speed of operations, a major campaign can be launched in a matter of days, but in such a situation, factors from the ability of differentiate your radio message from the TV to the spread of your costs and what media you buy – all becomes critical.

Marketing is the key in ensuring that a film is able to communicate its core theme to potential viewers in an engaging way. It sets up the expectation levels of the audience with regard to what sort of film they can expect when they enter the auditorium, and is primarily responsible for the opening the film garners. Post release, the objective of marketing is to ensure the film remains fresh in the minds of audiences as long as possible and to build on audience reactions to the film by adapting the PR and media plan accordingly.

In its true sense, marketing is all about the launch.
The Indian film industry has definitely woken up to the importance of marketing in driving the business, however, it is still...
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