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Topics: The Cat in the Hat, Plot, Sibling Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: April 14, 2014
I decided to read The Cat in the Hat and watch the movie with the same name. The book shows the brother and sister stuck inside on a rainy day. The book doesn’t expand much on the characters. The book does however show pictures of the children so I wasn’t very surprised to see how the children looked in the movie. In the movie (in an attempt to modernize the story), the girl is a bossy control freak. She likes to have her days planned out and does not have a free spirit. The brother is a trouble maker. This is different and more than the book described. The fish is present in the book and the movie, as well as thing one and thing two.

The setting of the movie and book both take place in the children’s home. The setting is obviously expanded upon in the movie simply because they have to fill some time to make it into an actual movie. The book and movie’s settings remain mostly the same because the plot mostly remains the same.

I think that the theme translated from the book to the movie. The theme that is consistent among the two is responsibility is important. The children in both the movie and the book realize that they can have fun but there are consequences for the trouble-making fun. The cat shows them that responsibility is important and that we need to do things like keeping the house clean to keep (in this case) the mother happy.

5. I would recommend the book to a friend if they were looking for a kid-friendly option. If they are looking for a kid friendly option, I would not consider the movie because it had some double meanings within the movie that are inappropriate for children.
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