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Topics: 20th Century Fox, Clint Eastwood Pages: 3 (1770 words) Published: May 20, 2014
129 John Georges Rd.
Indiana, PA, 15701
April 16, 2014
20th Century Fox Studios
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Century City, CA, 90067

Dear 20th Century Fox Studios,
First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Sara McGee and I am a student of Homer-Center High School. I absolutely love to read, which brings me to the main reason why I am writing this letter. Out of the books I have read in my life, I can truthfully tell you that The Fault in Our Stars was one of my top favorites. I got done with it in two days because I simply could not put it down. I had a lot of people tell me how amazing this book was and how I would love it, so I tried it out. I thanked all of the people that recommended it to me whenever I was finished, and now I am recommending it to you. Hopefully when you get done with it, you come to the same conclusion that I did. This book would make one amazing movie. Here is how the book basically goes down. There is a girl that is slowly dying of cancer, and one day at a meeting she meets a really attractive kid. The attractive kid also is dying of cancer, and soon after they fall in love with each other. The attractive kid uses his Make a Wish on the girl and they head to Amsterdam to meet a certain author whom she idolizes. The trip ends up being a nightmare and she finds out that her favorite author is nothing but an old drunk that hates kids. The cancer between the two starts to get worse and in a horrible twist of fate, the girl lives and the attractive kid ends up dying. Worried that he left her nothing, she ends up finding a letter that he had written to her favorite author basically confessing his undesirable love for her. I think something about all good movies is the emotions that go along with them. You do not want to sit there and watch a movie that does not make you laugh, or cry, or anything at all. You want to be interested and able to show that emotion, which is why I think the story line is perfect for that. It gives you...
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