Movie: And The Band Played On

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Movie: And The Band Played On (1993)
Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Reaction Paper

The movie " And The band Played on is about a doctor from world health organisation who is finding the cause of an unknown virus. At first youv'e seen him in the African community where a clinic is near "Ebola River" Central Africa 1976 were they found an african child that showed them the way of Dr. Azis where they found that he's already dead with some of the citizen. They found a woman begging for some medicine then she died, they don't know what the cause of death. The dead people were burn for the virus stop spreading out the community. The virus was called "The Ebola Fever" it was contained before it could reach the outside world. It was not AIDS but it was a warning of things to come.

"Rigshospitalet Copenhagen 1977" it was the first case of an unknown virus.The victim is dead by Pneumocystis Pnemonia but the doctor said that it was no killer virus so he demmaned what's the real cause but that all she had. "Claude-Bernard Hospital Paris 1978" the second case of an unknown virusthis is were his examined there some fungus in the mouth, warts on his arms and more on his legs and his brain is rotting with Toxoplasmosis, a cat disease. Washington D.C. 1980 a democratic platform committee meeting was held about a gay act of special previleges that they are also human and they be must respect like other normal people do. UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles the doctor were puzzled how or why the virus spread in just 2 years. They made a letter and send to the Centers For Disease Control Atlanta, May 1981 to D. Gease. Dr. Francis arrive at Atlanta where he meet is coleage Harold Japey Secutive Trans Division, Ardan Terdare Socioologist, Harold Lorens Division of host factors & Dr. Mary Gaia where they held a meeting about the spreading virus were they have a talking about the information of the virus in doctors in different hospitals. Francis went to the Sloan-Kettering Canser

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