Movie Analysis: The Sandalot

Topics: Suburb, United States, World War II Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: August 1, 2013
The Sandlot had some similar times compared to the 1950s. They both had their share of problems like every time has. Like first off they both had a suburbia. Next they both had conformity. And they both had sexism going on in their lives. And finally they both had segregation in their life times. And in this essay i will analyze or break apart the 1950s era and The Sandlot.

One thing in the 1950s was suburbia. People thought living in the suburbs was a good thing and it was. Their were less people in the suburbs so it was less crowded and easier to to do things. Also people want to leave the cities which was called the white flight. Also advertisements made the the suburbs look like the best place to live since it was quiet and calm. And homes didn’t cost alot of money so people could afford them in the suburbs. Also the suburbs had a big community with alot to do so it was like heaven on Earth so most people left the city and went to the suburbs. In The Sandlot it showed Lennie Smalls moving to a suburbia at the beginning. And it was a pretty big community. For example when Lennie and his friends went to the beach their were a whole lot of people their from the community. Also when Lennie and his friends went to the carnival it was a huge get together for people in the suburbia. And it made it look like a good and and wonderful place to live. Next in the 1950s their was conformity. After World War 2 their was a huge communism controversy. It became worse when senator Joseph Mccarthy began accusing of groups of being communists. Like when he accused people in the movie industry. Or when he accused populists and actvists of being communists. Another conformity was everyone wanted a nice house in a suburban area. And they also wanted a nice car. And finally they wanted a nice tv set. Also in this movie sexism and gender roles happened in it. Just like during the times before this women had to stay in the house all the time. And they couldn’t get jobs...
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