Movie Analysis on Scarface

Topics: Sociology, Tony Montana, Deviance Pages: 3 (1287 words) Published: December 16, 2011
Sociology behind Scarface
In 1980, 125,000 refuges were able to join their families in the United States from Cuba; Fidel Castro had forced the boat owners to carry 25,000 refuges of the 125,000. Cuban refuges Tony Montana or also know as Scarface, Manny Ribera who was Tony Montana’s best friend and also two other friends Angel and Chi-Chi. They are sent together to a detention center, where Manny makes a deal with a drug lord, Frank Lopez in Florida to obtain green cards in return they have to kill a former government official Emilio Rebenga, who was shipped out by Fidel Castro because he wasn’t trusted. After they had assassinated Emilio Rebenga they received their green card and later received a drug trafficking related job from Omar Suarez, who was Frank Lopez’s number 2 men. This job went haywire which related to a death of Tony Montana’s friend Angel, but they job was over achieved by keeping the money and also attaining the cocaine that was needed to be purchased, which impressed Frank Lopez and offered Tony and Manny a job to work for him, Later, Frank sends tony and Omar to Bolivia to make a transaction of cocaine with a powerful drug lord named Alejandro Sosa. When tony goes back Frank was angry at Tony for making an unauthorized deal which jeopardizes they’re relationship and Tony starts his own operations and he also asked Frank’s Girlfriend to marry him. Tony attends a night club and see’s Elvira to discuss his proposal and frank walks up and tony insults him and frank leaves the club then tony see’s Gina dancing Manny, sympathizing with Gina, takes her home. Gina reveals her attraction to Manny, but he tells her off, fearful of Tony's wrath should he catch them together. Later at the club Frank orders hit men to kill tony but luckily he survives and the next day tony goes and visits Frank because he knew that he set the whole thing up, frank begs for his life and tony kills him. Tony takes over Franks Empire and marries Elvira and becomes...
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