Movie Analysis Essay

Topics: Captain America, Man, Captain America's shield Pages: 4 (1515 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Captain America the First Avenger, Small Men Can Do
In this film of an American superhero, a man by the name of Steve Rogers, who is an ordinary man just trying to enlist in the army like many men his age. He has one problem though, he has too many medical conditions and is rejected from the army over and over again. Then a scientist overhears Rogers’ conversation with his best friend about him attempting to enlist over and over again. Then as Rogers goes to enlist again the scientist is the one who greets him in the medical room and allows Rogers to be enrolled in the army. This beginning of the film symbolizes how most Americans want to be like as a person, that person that will never quit until they get what they want, that person that will not stop until their goal is achieved. Another thing in the opening of the film is how he just wants to be like everybody else in that if other men are laying their lives on the line for their country, then he should too. This is the same as any American man who has no job yet has been trying over and over again, through rejection, and has finally landed a job. Steve Rogers (or Captain America), is the symbol of what one American man should strive to be like because of his good character, his will to do good, and his true patriotism. The main character Steve Rogers is a very small and skinny young man. In the beginning of the film, he goes to see a movie at the local theatre, when the advertisements before the film are on for young men to enlist in the army, a man is repeatedly disrespecting the army yelling for them to just start the cartoon already. Baffled by this, Rogers then confronts this man in the theatre by telling him to “shut up”. Then the scene changes to an alley where Rogers is being beat up by this same man that he confronted. The thing about this scene is how Rogers takes punch after punch and keeps getting back up. This shows that he will fight for his beliefs no matter what the consequences...

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Lou Holtz. "Ability is what you 're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." 
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