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Poetry in Movies: A Partial List
What follows is a listing of the appearance of recognizable, often canonical, poems, or excerpts from poems. The catalog is necessarily incomplete; readers are invited to submit new entries to the page at The filmography will be revised and updated regularly. [pic]

Addison, Joseph
“The Campaign”
My Darling Clementine, 1946
Apollinaire, Guillaume
Peau d’ane, 1970
Arnold, Matthew
"Dover Beach"
Without Love, 1945
The Anniversary Party, 2001
Auden, W. H.
“Night Mail”
Night Mail, 1936
“Funeral Blues”
Four Weddings and a Funeral, 1994
"As I Walked Out One Evening"
Before Sunrise, 1995
Baudelaire, Charles
“The Albatross”
A Very Long Engagement, 2004
“The Jewels”
La Letrice [The Reader], 1988
Biermann, Wolf
“The Girl from Stuttgart”
Germany in Autumn, 1978
Bishop, Elizabeth
"One Art"
In Her Shoes, 2005
Blake, William
"The Tyger"
The End of the Affair, 1955
The Horse’s Mouth, 1958
Blade Runner, 1982
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, 2002
“America: A Prophecy”
“The Fly”
Blade Runner, 1982
From "Milton; [“And did those feet in ancient time”]
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner, 1962
Privilege, 1967
Chariots of Fire, 1981
Calendar Girls, 2003
“The Sick Rose”
Educating Rita, 1983
"The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"
Bull Durham, 1988
“The Everlasting Gospel” [“The vision of Christ that thou dost see . . .”] “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”
Dead Man, 1995
"Auguries of Innocence"
Dead Man, 1995
In the Bedroom, 2001
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, 2001
“The Little Black Boy”
The Horse’s Mouth, 1958
Bradstreet, Anne
"To My Dear and Loving Husband"
Le Divorce, 2003
Brecht, Bertolt
“Germany Pale Mother”
Germany Pale Mother, 1980
“Die Moritat von Mackie Messer”
Quiz Show, 1994
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
“Aurora Leigh," ii
Take the High Ground, 1953
“A Child’s Grave at Florence”
Tea with Mussolini, 1999
Browning, Robert
The Barretts of Wimpole Street, 1934
"The Pied Piper of Hamelin"
The Sweet Hereafter, 1997
Bukowski, Charles
“2 p.m. Beer”
“Old Man, Dead in a Room”
Barfly, 1987
Burns, Robert
"A Red, Red Rose"
Side Street, 1950

"Afton Water" [“Flow gently, sweet Afton . . .”]
Pride and Prejudice, 1940
Byron, Lord George Gordon
"She Walks in Beauty"
Blockade, 1938
Jamaica Inn, 1939
Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, IV.178 [“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods”] The Bridges of Madison County, 1995
Don Juan
Don Juan de Marco, 1995
Carroll, Lewis
"The Walrus and the Carpenter"
Today We Live, 1933
The Clairvoyant, 1934
Chaucer, Geoffrey
“Wife of Bath’s Tale” [“the woe that is in marriage”] Sylvia, 2003
Clough, Arthur Hugh
The Quiet American, 2002
Cocteau, Jean
“Les Muses”
Peau d’ane, 1970
Coleridge, Hartley
"Sonnet VII" [“Is love a fancy or a feeling”]
Sense and Sensibility, 1995
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
"Kubla Khan"
Citizen Kane, 1941
Pandaemonium, 2000
"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner "
Out of Africa, 1985
Congreve, William
from The Mourning Bride, Act iii, Scene 8 [“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned...”] Adam’s Rib, 1949
Corso, Gregory
Reality Bites, 1994
Cowper, William
"The Castaway"
Sense and Sensibility, 1995
Cummings, E. E.
“i carry your heart with me”
In Her Shoes, 2005
"somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond"
Hannah and Her Sisters, 1986
“she being brand”
Plain Clothes, 1988
Dante Alighieri
“Vita Nuova, III”
Hannibal, 2001
Dickinson, Emily
“Ample make this Bed”
Sophie’s Choice, 1982
"Because I could not stop for Death"
Crimes and Misdemeanors, 1989
Sophie’s Choice, 1982
"‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers”
Quiz Show, 1994
Autumn in New York, 2000
"Two Butterflies went out at Noon"
Autumn in New York, 2000
"We never know how high we are"
Seabiscuit, 2003
Donne, John
"Holy Sonnet X" [“Death Be Not Proud”]
The Exorcist III, 1990
W;t, 2001
Douglas, Lord Alfred
“In Summer”...
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