Movement and Change in the Great Gatsby

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Roaring Twenties Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: November 13, 2009
The Great Gatsby was written by francis scott Fitzgerald and was published in 1925. The movement and change are really important in the Great Gatsby: first of all let’s define those two words. Movement can be a “process of changing position or going from one point to another”, but it can also mean a “general tendency”. The word “change” can mean “to make, to become different” and it’s also “substitute one thing for another”. We will see how movement and change are linked in the story throught :- The historical changes in the great gatsby and then with the instability in their world and finally we’ll see how movement and change are linked to time in this book.

The Great Gatsby is a witness of the Roaring twenties, it was a period of great changes. The fashion changed as we can see page 46 with the sentence “and hair bobbed in a strange new way”. but the dresses were also different, at the beginning of the book we have the exemple of myrtle who changed three time her clothes in a day which shows us that clothes are not anymore used to just cover the body but it’s a way for people to show their wealth and their social rank. This renew in fashion is due to the war like a lot of changes during the jazz age. Music is a part of those changes, the jazz music appears and we can say that it’s linked to movement. First of all because it’s related to new rhythm and to dance, wich is an important part of the great Gatsby because he organizes a lot of parties and we can’t have a party without music and f s Fitzgerald describes a lot the orchestra and the effect the music has on people. But this new kind of music can also be considered as a movement because it’s a general tendency in the history of music. Finally, the most important historical change in the book is not a superficial one, we can see that the mentalities are about to change. In the story some people can’t get used to it like tom wich represent the old fashion way to think for exemple page 138 he says “and...
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