Moutains Beyond Mountains

Topics: Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains, Philosophy of life Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: October 20, 2012
In Tracy Kidder’s book Mountains Beyond Mountains Paul Farmer is displayed as a man who is driven by the thought of helping others. He is constantly feeling the need to help and heal. Farmer chooses this and so takes action on those feelings. However I feel this was not his responsibility, and he did not owe it to anyone to do the tasks that he did. Farmer chose to. I believe that when it comes to the responsibility of other countries, states, cities and even communities/neighborhoods the choice is ours to do something whether someone’s giving their time, their money, or their talents to help those in need. It all boils down to choice before responsibility. Webster defines responsibility as: The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something. The definition of choice is: An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. This demostrates that responsibility is a duty, something you owe to someone while choice is giving people that freedom to decide what they as individuals feel they want or need to do. Paul Farmer felt he needed to help the Haitian people. “I imagine that many people would like to construct a life like Farmer's, to wake up knowing what they ought to do and feeling that they were doing it. But I can't think that many would willingly take on the difficulties, giving up their comforts and time with family.” (213) Choice over responsibility. When we are presented with injustice or crisis or disaster…people choose to give up luxuries and family to commit to “righting” these things. You are not responsible for it BUT instead you choose to own the sense of duty to help deal with it. “Paul is a model of what should be done. He's not a model for how it has to be done. Let's celebrate him. Let's make sure people are inspired by him. But we can't say anybody should or could be just like him.” (Jim Kim, 244) Although Paul Farmer did not change my idea of responsibility he did encourage my involvement to do what I...
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