Mountain Dew Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Marketing management, PepsiCo Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: November 16, 2013
Mountain Dew: Selecting New Creative
The successful ‘Do the Dew’ campaign of the PepsiCo soft drink Mountain Dew was in its eighth year. As, the marketing managers realized that the tag line had lost consumer interests, they changed the direction of the creative. The target market for Mountain Dew, however, remained the same. Mountain Dew’s ad campaign between 1995 and 1999 did not fare extremely well. A new marketing concept must be developed to rejuvenate consumer appeal towards Mountain Dew. In 2000 PepsiCo decided that Mountain Dew would be featured during the Super Bowl rather than Pepsi. This was an enormous feat, as the Super Bowl had been an influential event for advertisers for decades. It was already October 1999 for the marketing executives and decisions had to be made to get the production started. Only three advertisements were going to be chosen, two to be played during the Super Bowl and all three throughout the year 2000. There were ten initial concepts proposed and which were whittled down to five finalists. Mountain Dew needs to select three of the concepts provided by BBDO and feature two of them during the Super Bowl and the other throughout 2000. The concept ‘Labor of Love’ is a humorous spot about the birth of a Dew drinker. The doctor in the delivery room calls out “code green” and retreats to catch with a baseball mitt the baby as it shoots out of its mother like a cannon. Another concept ‘Cheetah’ would feature one of the Dew Dudes chases down a cheetah on a mountain bike to get his stolen Dew back. In the third concept ‘Dew or Die’, the Dew Dudes to foil the plot of an evil villain who is threatening with a spilt can of Dew. The concept ‘Mock Opera’ is a parody of the Queen Song Bohemian Rhapsody sung by the Dew Dudes. Finally, the concept ‘Showstopper’ is an extravagantly choreographed production number in which BMX riders and skateboarders perform for the Dew Dudes posing as directors. Since it is important for marketers to devise...
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