Mountain Dew

Topics: Super Bowl, National Football League, Advertising Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: October 8, 2008
Bryan Schaeffer
Mountain Dew
The Mountain Dew case centers on the decision that the BBDO team and Pepsi executives made in regards to the Super Bowl advertisements to be aired in 2000. The creative team came up with 10 possible scenarios. Since their meeting took place in October (4 months prior to the Super Bowl) they had little time to produce the ads. The 10 concepts were quickly whittled down to 5 and the executives wanted to whittle them down to 3 in which to produce. From those 3, the best 2 would be selected to air at the Super Bowl, but all 3 would be run throughout the year. The 5 advertisements that they whittled down to were Labor of Love, Cheetah, Dew or Die, Mock Opera and Showstopper. My recommended course of action for PepsiCo. is to choose Cheetah, Dew or Die and Mock Opera. My biggest reasons for choosing these 3 particular ads are that they satisfy the requirements for the Brand Communications Strategy the best. These 3 ads seem to appeal to Mountain Dew’s targeted demographic the best (young males) while also symbolizing the exhilarating experience the best out of the 5 ads. This summary will give detail about why I chose each of the 3 ads. I will then conclude the paper by choosing which of the 2 of the 3 I feel are best suited to be aired at the Super Bowl. Cheetah

When an average person thinks of a Cheetah they think of quickness, agility and elusiveness. All of these traits can be associated with an exhilarating experience. The fact that this ad features a young thrill seeking man chasing this Cheetah down in a bike appeals to the young demographic that Pepsi executives are targeting. Since it fulfills two of the qualifications I outlined in the introduction, I feel that this advertisement is more than well suited to fulfill the objectives of Pepsi’s Mountain Dew campaign. The Super Bowl is the premier event for television advertisers and as such, the advertisements have to hit the consumer hard with good content, graphics...
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