Mount Rainier

Topics: Mount Rainier, Pierce County, Washington, Road Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Mount Rainier

The cool, mountain air. The quaint, alpine meadows. The steep, rugged terrain. Ahhhh......nothing beats it. Almost every summer my family and I travel to Mt. Rainier National Park. It's a remarkable place, full of many natural wonders. From the dense, thick, old growth forests, to the high, windswept mountain slopes. It's all an outdoorsmen could ask for. This tradition started back before I was even brought into this world. 22 years ago my parents moved from Los Angeles, California to Puyallup, Washington. Looking to explore their new state, they stumbled upon the wonderland known as Mount Rainier. 8 years later, when I was born, I also started to develop my love for the mountain. Hiking is my favorite activity in the park. Other things to do include fishing, picnicking, and mountain gazing. Yes, the mountain is so beautiful that just staring at it is an activity in an of itself. I have hiked dozens of miles on those trails. My favorite trail is probably Burroughs Mountain. Starting out at 6,800', you travel along a high ridge surrounded by pristine wildflowers and spectacular views. Once you reach the end of the ridge, the trail ascends steeply over 1,000' into an entirely new environment. The climate is almost like a tundra. With the cold, dry air, and the sun very high in the sky, is seems as if the sun gives off no heat. As you traverse the rocky slope, you finally reach the top of Burroughs mountain. You are met with a breathtaking view of Mount Rainier. You also get a look at the incredible glaciers. But the hike's not over yet. You climb another 200 ft to the second Burroughs Mountain. At this point you are so close to the mountain you feel like you could almost reach out and touch it. Now, with the sun falling towards the horizon, you realize you have to leave. It's a bittersweet moment because your exhausted, your socks and shoes are covered with dust, but for some reason you want to stay. It's like a primal...
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