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Mount and Blade: Warband Quick Guide to the Nations
Mount and Blade: Warband already from the start throws you into somewhat deep waters, asking you where do you wish to begin your adventure. The choice might feel like purely a “starting point”, since you can go anywhere you wish on the map, do whatever you like, without any “national constraints”. But to the more careful observer, each nation, both as a starting point, ally and unit choice has its individual strengths and weaknesses. In this guide we will look briefly at each nation, so that you might have an easier choice deciding who is best sided with, at the beginning.

Map of Caldaria. Orange- Swadia, White- Vaegirs, Blue- Nords, Yellow- Sultanate, Purple- Khergit, Green- Rhodok. Mount and Blade: Warband Quick Guide to the Nations
Kingdom of Nords
These merry fellows, who look like Vikings, are the strongest shock troops you can find. A Nord Huscarl might not have a war-horse like a Swadian Knight, but his axe does the talking. When gathering a Nord force you will immediately notice a substantial lack in cavalry, as well as a general lack in proper ranged units. What they lack in those two areas they make up in high quality infantry. Nord infantry uses axes. Be it battle axes, two-handed axes, throwing axes, or forks with axes. They will also have a selection of blades and other thrown weapons. They will use exclusively round shields, and an orderly round shield wall will never be pierced by any attack. Nord Infantry also uses quality armour, which gives them a decent edge against enemy infantry and cavalry, while their shields will block most types of ranged weapons with ease. Due to their sturdiness and weapon choice Nords are useful both as an attack, and a defense force. A dense group of Nord warriors will create an impenetrable wall of shields and axes in the open. During an attack, Nords will storm a castle, and with mild ease destroy any shields the defenders could be using. Meanwhile, a Nord defense force guarding a castle might as well be outnumbered 10:1, given the right circumstances, and still win.

A Nord shield wall awaiting a worthy foe.
The Nord lack of cavalry and proper ranged weapons does mean they are slow on the outside map and during a battle. When commanding a Nord force, keeping a tight formation means everything. Dispersing your force could mean that enemy ranged weapons or cavalry will cut down individual warriors with ease. If you are severely outnumbered, or forced to fight a force made up of cavalry, your only hope is to bunch up as closely together as possible, and hope for the best. Hide behind a hill, so that enemy archers are not as effective, and once the enemy is a short distance away, charge. As a starting point, the Kingdom of Nords is a good location. You can easily find good deals for Salt with your neighbours, as well as obtain cheap Iron and Raw Silk from the Kingdom of Vaegirs. Based on my experience, most business types do not work out in “Nordland”, so stick to trading goods. The main danger of Nordland are Sea Raiders. These are high tier outlaws which can with ease take out an inexperienced company of warriors. Stay clear of them untill you are certain you can fight them. As an ally, the Nords have a mildly good position. They have only two neighbours, and a sea behind them.

Mount and Blade: Warband Quick Guide to the Nations
Kingdom of Swadia
Swadians are something between the English, and the French. They rely on their cavalry, which in a full charge can break even the toughest foes. Although other nations have equally effective “Knights”, the Swadians appear to excel stat wise, and overall use better equipment. In other areas the Swadians do not appear to be that far off from other nations. Their higher tier infantry is decent in combat, and the Swadian sharpshooters make for decent ranged units. However, if you rely on Swadian cavalry too heavily you could wake up in a number of horror...
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