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moudule 9 and 10 reflection journal

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Module 9: Critical Vehicle Systems
Answer the following questions completely about maintenance and safety of your vehicle.
1. Which mechanical part or feature listed in Module 9 do you think is most important?

2. Why is that particular part or feature so important? the tires because if the pop there's no wear you can go.

3. How do you benefit from that part or feature? i benefit from this part by transportation from place to place.

Module 10: Sharing the Road with Others
Stops and Starts: Reflect on Module 10 and the entire course. Look back at your journal entries. Explain the following completely.
Being the Driver:
Stops: Using the information learned in this course, explain three things you will not do when driving.
1.never use drugs or alcohol
2.never text or call
3.don't speed

Explain why you will not do these things when driving.
1.the reason why i will not do all of these things is because if i do bad things can happen such as collision with other vehicles or being seriously injured.

Starts: Using the information learned in this course, explain three things you will do when driving.
1.wear a seat belt
2.obey traffic lights
3.obey signs

Explain why you will do these particular things when driving. i can be safe and not end up seriously hurt or injured

Riding as a Passenger:
Explain one thing you will stop doing as a passenger.
1.distract the driver.

Explain one thing you will start doing as a passenger.
1.warn he/she for pedestrians crossing or anything they may not see because two head are better than one.

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