Motorola Uwhen Training Becomes an Education

Topics: Skill, Learning, Motorola University Pages: 3 (358 words) Published: January 17, 2012
Motorola U : When Training Becomes an Education

Gaurav Gupta Sunny Jaiswal

How Motorola’s $ 7 million training budget became a $ 120 million annual investment in education

Change in the selection criteria
1970’s Are you willing to work? 1980’s Communication skills

Do you have good record for showing Computation skills and problem up for work? solving ability Are you motivated to work? Willing to work against quality and output

Much of the workforce was illiterate

Training Initiatives
— Focused on new tools, technology and

team work
— MBA 4 weeks. — MTEC , 1980

• Expand participative management • Improve product quality 10 fold in 5 years.

Reasons for not Achieving the results
— Employees were not willing to change. — Assumption that people who need training will

sign up voluntarily.
— Self help material proved ineffective. — Training was considered esoteric by employees.

Training Initiatives ( Contd…
— New production plant in Chicago, 1985. — Remedial elementary education as skill training

Motorola Realized.
— Remedial education could be better through

community colleges.
— Decided to take hard look into other skills

The Motorola University
— Established in 1989 — Most of instructors in the university were not

regular professors but visiting professors.
— Instructions were tailor-made to meet the

unique needs of the company.
— Training was integrated with project execution,

rather than preceding it
— Learning at Motorola was not monotonous

— Offered training to synergize employee

education with business targets.
— Annual performance reviews — Individual dignity entitlement program — Heavily invested in employee training

program that other companies did not.
— Motorola offered training to all its

employees from top management executives to factory workers

— Helped employees to achieve a certain level of...
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