Motorola Analysis

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A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process. Environmental factors internal to the firm usually can be classified as strength (S) or weaknesses (W), and that external to the firm can be classified as opportunity (O) or threats (T). Such an analysis of the strategic environment is referred to as a SWOT analysis.

The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firm's resources and a capability to the competitive environment in which it operates. As such, it is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection.


Right now, the Motorola Company sees everyone as a potential customer. Going wireless has not only become the latest and greatest fad, but very critical for business. Within the cellular market exists two broad segments, the consumer segments and business segments. Both of these groups have different expectations of the kind of service and value they expect from their cellular providers.

Consumer Segment

The first segment, the consumer segment, consists of what I will call the "recreational" users. The consumer segment counts for less than 30 percent of the total cellular market. These customers do not depend on their cell phones for business purposes. They are typically teenagers, college students, car phones, and members of families who are often on the go and need to be able to get in touch with family and friends on occasion. Their air time usage is usually lower than the members of the business segment.

The typical user is focused on certain aspects of their cellular providers: "How much does it cost? Do I really need these great new wonderful things that technology is offering? How often must I replace or recharge the batteries? Can I use this only in my town?" Most technology-related studies indicate that consumers have relatively little interest in anything other than if the product works when they want it to work. As the industry matures effective customer segmentation and development of customized products will be critical success factors.

Motorola has caught the eye of the younger consumer segment with a product called "TalkAbout", which comes in an icy blue to attract younger consumers who might be new to cellular services but yield to a sporty image. This product combines both paging and cellular phone services at one low price.

Business Segment

The second major segment is the business segment. Today, small businesses and corporate segments account for about 70 percent of world cellular market. These users of cellular services are more concerned with the features the phone has to offer.

Motorola's unique phone/two-way radio combo is a key competitive tool in the business. According to Motorola Inc "We feel we're the only player that really offers something new and different.

This product has appeal to many different types of companies. I noticed that "KTM" (Malaysia) also uses Motorola radios. I asked one of the personal there that "why do you use Motorola and not other brand of radios". His reply was that this radio product has a better range, which means clear signals and if signals are clear that means there's very less interference with other communication devices.

Many construction companies have also switched to this device simply because it combines cellular and radio communications into one product. At HeveaBoard Berhad, a 2nd largest particle board manufacturer based in Gemas, Malaysia, there they too use Motorola radios for communication and believe it or not I used them there too and they work wonderfully.

Good advertising has also helped Motorola propel sales of its handsets. They recently won the most unforgettable ad of 1999: Motorola, "Blackbird", which helped gain national attention to its yellow-and-black i700 iDEN phone and its target audience of business people.

So currently according to my...
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