Motorcycle Safety

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Motorcycles don’t posses many safety features that protect their rider. A car contains seat belts, airbags, four wheels for stability, and more; these are important features that help reduce accident and fatality rates. These issues only add to the main problem which is the drivers themselves, I am talking about both motorcycle rider and automobile driver. These two figures represent the majority of those on the streets, they are either inexperienced drivers or to comfortable with their driving habits and lack the attention needed to avoid situations that can arise quickly. Motorcycle safety is something not only riders need to be taught but other motorists as well; educating the population can not only reduce accidents but save lives. “Motorcycle rider deaths were nearly 30 times more than drivers of other vehicles” (D.O.T 7). Figures like this present an insight into the continuing problem represented by motorcycles. “Motorcycle accidents continue to be a growing problem as of 2008 5,290 were killed as a result of motorcycle accidents which is an increase of %2 over 2007” (Motorcycle Safety Foundation 4). Though the issue continues to grow, there is much to be done to put down the problem and save lives. The main issue is from the start, riders need much more rigorous training. Today you only take a computer or written test for a permit, which states you’re not allowed to ride at night or on the interstate but still allows you to ride during the day by yourself. You could get one of these permits with no riding experience what so ever, this is completely unacceptable for our society. Then to obtain your license you do a course test on your bike, where you weave through some cones and make a u turn and that’s it you can ride when ever where ever. “Adding injury to insult, helmet laws vary by state some don’t require one period some after 18 and so on” (Snyder 1). In Arizona after your 18th birthday coupled with the little safety experience the rider may have

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