Motorcycle Helmets

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The Ten Second Life Savor
In 2002, 3,244 motorcyclists died and approximately 65,000 were injured in highway crashes in the United States. Many of those lives lost could have been saved if a helmet was used. In the United States, laws are always seen as something to be changed constantly especially when dealing with motorcycles. The law dealing with wearing a helmet is one law that will always change state to state.

When on a road trip on your bike the last thing you want to be thinking about is “Do I have to wear my helmet right now? Or is it ok to ride ‘free’ for an hour or so?”. Of the fifty states, only three are 100% helmet law free. Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire have no restrictions on wearing a helmet. Of the other 46 states, 20 have full helmet laws. For these 20 states, no matter your age or number of years riding a motorcycle you must have a helmet on any time while on the bike. The remaining 27 states have partial helmet laws for their bikers. With the partial laws each state decides an age in which they think the driver is responsible enough no longer need to wear a helmet. It ranges from the youngest in Main at age 14 to age 20. Some states have tried changing some of these laws and letting them have more leeway, but in the end it has only shown that the injury rate has increased. The states with strict helmet laws have fewer fatalities for motorcycle drover.

It takes ten seconds to put on a helmet that in the end can save your life or prevent you from worse injury. In an eighteen year period, 13,774 lives have been saved form placing a helmet on the drivers and passengers head. 9,508 more lives could have been saved if a helmet had been worn. 85% of injury that occurs in an accident is reduced by wearing a helmet. Many drivers believe that wearing a helmet obstructs your view of the cars coming around you or that your hearing is impaired. In 1994 the National Public Services Research Institute conducted a study proving that wearing a helmet...

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