Motorbus Company - QUE SERA SERA

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MOTORBUS Company: Que Sera Sera

I. Point of View

This study should be observed in the perspective of Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta. His situation is very critical since all of the burdens of the Maintenance Department are lying on his shoulders. Therefore, the researcher should specifically view themselves as Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta in considering some solutions and recommendation and finally offer the proper, distinct and probable plan of action.

II. Time Context
Since the company will be fielding an additional 50 new buses in a month, Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta should settle all misfits and do the recommended plan of action within 30 days. That timeframe will give Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta the perfect decision that he can get to come up with a perfect solution. This problem needs a lot of thinking and analyzing.

III. Statement of the Problem
The MOTORBUS Company: Que Sera Sera is a route of bus from Manila via Isabela. Que Sera Sera means “What will be, will be”. Engineer Hermogenes Ancheta has just received his appointment papers from his new immediate superior, the Vice-President for Operations, he has been promoted from Assistant Manager to Manager of the Maintenance Department. After congratulating him from his promotion, his boss gave him a verbal directive that he should put some order in his department and make and make it work in the most effective and efficient manner as possible without incertitude.

Engineer Ancheta has just passed the board examination for Mechanical Engineering when he joined Motorbus Company in 1993. By June 1995, he informed his former classmates at the University of Santo Tomas that he has promoted as Assistant Manager for Maintenance.

He had promoted from Assistant Manager to Manager when Engineer Gaudencio Inductivo, who in turn to be at 62 years old. After the approval from VP for operations, the next day after the approval of Engineer Inductivo retirement, Engineer Ancheta received an appointment papers promoting him to be a Manager.

By the time on his duty as a manager he inspect the storage room and he found the uneven supply of parts. Some parts were in excessive quantities and some important ones were inadequately stocked and the corner room contains a big volume of obsolete parts.

The problem now is that how he handle the operation most effectively when he’s just new to his job, while there are 50 more buses added in the route for 100 buses will servicing the various routes assigned to Motorbus Company.

IV. Statement of the Objectives
To settle the disputes with the maintenance personnel
To convince the maintenance personnel to not quit their jobs To innovate and improve the old method of purchasing
To fix problems regarding inadequate, excessive and obsolete parts in the stock room

V. Areas of Consideration
Engineer Hermogenes Ancheta as a Mechanical Engineering Graduate he then work in a Motorbus Company as Assistant Manager of Maintenance Department. By the year 1993 when he joined the Motorbus Company, he passed the Board Examination for Mechanical Engineering course. He then informed his former classmate from University of Santo Tomas by year 1995 as he promoted Assistant Manager for Maintenance.

The former Manager of the Department Engineer Gaudencio Inductivo, joined the company since it started the operations in 1989. A total of ten buses began plying the Manila-Isabela route. A maintenance unit was put up the Manila in Sampaloc. Another unit serves the Ilagan, Isabela terminal. Each unit has a full-time mechanic and one assistant.

When a company bus comes in for repair, the mechanic diagnoses the various automotive systems in the bus and later produces a list of parts needing replacement. The mechanic sends the list to Engineer Inductivo, who, in turn, forwards the same to the company accountant for approval of the purchase request. Often times, Engineer Inductivo performs the actual purchasing himself. Later, he sends the...
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