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Motor Learning and Control
Lab 1 – Gentile’s Taxonomy
You may work in groups (2-4) for this lab. This lab will give you the opportunity to practice using Gentile’s taxonomy to classify skills. As a group you should choose 4 cells from Table 2.2 (in your book and on the Powerpoint slides). Please choose 4 different cells (e.g., 2B, 3C, 1A, and 4D). For each cell you should identify a skill that fits in that cell and provide a rationale for your choice. Please choose a skill that is not already listed in the table. Example:

Activity: Walking with an assisted walking device through a crowded mallBox: 4D Rationale: This action requires body transport as the person is moving through the mall. It also requires object manipulation as the person has to move the assisted walking device. The environment is moving because there are other people walking around. The environment can also change from trial to trial because different numbers of people may be there each day or different booths might be set up in the mall. Activity: Standing on a moving escalatorBox: 3A

Rationale: This action does not require body transport since you are not walking; the escalator is causing the action. It does not require object manipulation because you are standing on something that is already moving. The environment is moving because the escalator is moving u from one point to another also if there are other people on the escalator with you. Activity: cutting vegetables with a knife on a cutting boardBox: Rationale: This action does not require body transport since you are stationary. It does require object manipulation because you are using a knife to cut vegetables. The environment does not move its stays the same but the environment can change with different vegetables or knives used. Activity: Walking on a moving escalatorBox: 3C

Rationale: This requires body transport because you are walking up the escalator. This activity does not...
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