Motivational Theories in Human Resource Management
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Human Resource Management
Assignment 2
Dasun Perera

Using two motivation theories of your choice, explain a) the similarities and b) the differences between the two theories.

a) Similarities

Both the methods use hierarchical structure. Which means each level has to be completed to go to the next level.

Both are based on achieving internal needs.

They specify the things that motivate people.

Herzberg's hygiene idea is similar to Manslow's Physiological, Safety and
Belongingness needs.

And also Herzberg's motivators idea corresponds with Manslow's Esteem and
Self-Actualisation needs.

Both theories are based by environmental conditions, employee attitudes and as a result, their motivation.

b) Differences
 Maslow says that each stage of the 5 must be fully completed before advancing to the next stage..however, Herzberg suggested that there were only 2 stages
(hygiene and motivators) instead of 5.
 Maslow said that fulfilling each stage is a motivator, however Herzberg said that fulfilling the hygiene stage only results in an employee being in neutral state and that satisfaction and motivation only comes from the 2nd stage (motivator).

Describe the benefits to an organisation of having a motivated workforce.

One of the most difficult tasks that most employers face is in motivating their employees. This is an area where most companies are seriously deficient and in many cases they just give up and accept that not all of their staff are going to be motivated to work hard. This is a mistake having motivated employees is essential for the success of your business so you have to make sure that you figure out how to make it happen.

The biggest reason that you are going to want to have motivated employees is that they are more productive than employees who are unmotivated. All companies want to have employees who are as productive as possible since that gets you

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