Motivational Techniques

Topics: Motivation, Employment Pages: 7 (1680 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Motivationals methods in Switzerland

Robert Gordon University - Business and Hotel Management School

BA Hotel and Hospitality Management Course

BS 3149 Research Methods for Business Students

Module coordinator: Ms Heather Robinson

Submission date: 9th April 2013

Student ID No.: 1219453

Word Count: 2008

1. TOPIC: Motivational methods that are most effective in hospitality employee motivation

2. QUESTION: What are the most successful methods to motivate restaurant employees in Switzerland?


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The researcher believes that the topic selected is very significant for the restaurant and hospitality industry today and plays a key role in maximizing profit as motivating the workforce would further help in better service, food quality and even ability to retain customers up to a certain degree. According to Stamov-Rossnagel and Hertel (2010), the motivational factors depends on quite a wide range of possibilities, however one of them include the work environment, peers and the need to compete with the attainments of another worker in the same entity. These workers are motivated when they have the proper equipment desired for performing a specific task and are regularly updated with the latest equipment which would aid them in their tasks at work. When these workers feel that they are being monitored and are cared for by providing the equipment, proper working conditions, they inevitably feel the urge to perform better and are motivated. However, occasionally, the range of tasks in a job may not be as motivating as the particular task that the worker is interested in. Monitoring these tasks which motivate a worker should be specifically assigned to them to improve productivity.

Managers should limit and avoid the use of any sort of cultural or ethical background about an employee while trying to judge the work or motivating him (Lee-Ross, 2005). Various western companies observed and practiced the approach of participative leadership and style of work which involved the decisions and views of every worker, which would indirectly rise their esteem and motivate them. Deference and responsibility are two highly important motivators. Individuals also have personal goals and if they are similar to those of the enterprise, then motivation is a very simple process. However, identifying the aims and goals of employees is mandatory to link it in a way to that of the organization and excel in revenues and market productivity. These individuals could bring up several innovative techniques and ideas, especially...
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