Motivational Process at Coca-Cola

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: October 2, 2005
The Motivation Theory Used Within The Coca-Cola Company
The motivational process of The Coca-Cola Company can best be described as one that identifies with Clayton Alderfer's ERG theory. The workplace productivity within The Coca-Cola Company is unmatched by many organizations today. Three essential elements make up Aldermen's ERG theory: The first part focuses on the existence needs within the company; the next part addresses the relatedness needs within the company; and the last part touches on the growth needs within the company. The existence needs of the employees within The Coca-Cola Company can be defined as those needs that have a desired physiological effect on the employees within the company. In addition, it could be the material well-being of the organization itself. In order for there to be harmony within the company, the employees must have a sense of stability in their current position, as well as a potential for growth within the company. Remembering that employees have the desire to be satisfied within the company in which they work, The Coca-Cola Company has many different programs in place in order to assist with this process. For example, the company offers cultural awareness programs and employee forums; these forums consist of employees that share similar interest or backgrounds. The individuals within these forums provide both professional and personal growth to one another. The Coca-Cola Company motivates their employees with incentives and occupational opportunities on a daily basis. The material well-being of The Coca-Cola Company is being achieved each day. The company uses innovative means in order to reach the younger generation of today. An example of this is their nightclub-based programs which cater to America's youths. These programs provide live entertainment and custom-designed lounge furniture to the club owners. The company is constantly producing technology which appeals to consumers, and as long as the company...

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