Motivational Methods

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Appreciation Pages: 4 (1190 words) Published: September 4, 2011
Motivational Methods
Romunda M. Ratliff
HCS 325/Health Care Management
May 31, 2011
Shawn Matheson, MBA, LNHA, FACHCA

Motivational Methods
Implementing change within an organization can be difficult. However, finding ways to motivate employees can be just as difficult. Although some methods may work for some employees, these same methods may not work for others. A manager needs to find which method would best suit his or her employees to assist them in adjusting to necessary changes. Motivation occurs in individuals according to three different patterns of behavior: individual, satisfying a personal need, competitive, trying to be better than someone he or she believes to be an opponent, or cooperative, working to achieve a goal that benefits the team or group (McConnell, 2005). A manager can find this out by asking his or her employees questions, listening to him or her, and observing his or her work performance (McNamara, n.d.). Several methods a manager can use to motivate his or her employees range from monetary rewards and incentives, employee recognition, and training. When motivating my employees, I must recognize there is a relationship between what motivates me and what motivates my employees. In this paper I will discuss three different methods I would use as a manager to motivate my employees and how this change can affect the organization. Monetary Incentives

The purpose of monetary incentives is to reward an employee for his or her outstanding work-related performance. These monetary incentives can include stock options within the company, profit-sharing, holiday or scheduled bonuses, and performance appraisal bonuses. These different monetary incentives can motivate the employee to be more productive, improve his or her quality of service, and may even reduce absenteeism. Monetary incentives given to one employee may also encourage other employees to improve their work performance. Monetary incentives help to boost morale and maintain a...
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