Motivational Method Paper

Topics: Motivation, Management, Employment Pages: 4 (1117 words) Published: June 29, 2011
Motivational Methods Paper
February 21, 2011
Erica Falk-Huzar

How often do you see a new employee or a former employee that has been with a company for a long period of time come in excited about being at work as upper management may be? Answer: Not very many people. It is important for the employee or employees to be happy to be at their job. The manager’s job is to figure out how to motivate their employees to perform their job to the best of their ability and to go that extra mile for the organization as well.

Maslow’s theory has five levels of needs and they are self-actualizing, physiological, safety, ego, and social (Lombardi, 2007). “A lack of motivation without having effective motivation methods and motivation strategies can be a really annoying problem, especially when it becomes an obstacle to your personality developments and goals” (Steve, 2010).

As a manager the three motivational methods that should be used would be to provide advancement opportunities, give recognition, and to create a sense of achievement. The first method would be setting goals whether they are specific, challenging, acceptance, commitment, clarifying, and rewarding they can create a motivation within each individual involved (Lombardi, 2007). The second method would be the expectancy theory that shows a person that would work hard if there was a positive outcome and if they are rewarded for their hard work. The employee or employees would be more motivated and the hard work that each employee puts into the rewards and the outcome will determine their motivation. The third method would be the equity theory which motivates the sense of achievement by giving each and every employee the same opportunity and by giving the same rewards for the hard work they have done for the organization. By making people feel important about their hard work and their skills provides then with the feeling of encouragement and happiness. This has to be maintained in order for the...
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