Motivation Towards Community and Extension Development: the Case of the High School Department of the College of Maasin

Topics: Constable, Police officer, Police Pages: 22 (6735 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Values and conduct are the beliefs that guide an organization and the behavior of its members. The most important beliefs are those that set forth the ultimate purposes of the organization. They provide the organization with its raison d’ etre for outsiders and insiders alike, and justify the continuing investment in the organization’s enterprise. Often, however, the beliefs about purposes are hopelessly entangled with assumptions about the nature of the organization’s environment. The principal means of achieving its purposes, and the sorts of relationships and expectations that exist within the organization. For example, in policing, the strong belief among the Philippine National Police (PNP) members and personnel in their respective units and departments, that they stand as the front line of defense against community lawlessness reflecting what is often a rather narrow definition of order conditions of the organizational environment within which the police officer operate. These beliefs can easily become the prevalent values of the force. William Taylor, a former commissioner of the City of London Police, in his study entitled “Taylor Review of Police Disciplinary Arrangements”, stated that, in the pursuit of excellence within police officers, police departments, police commission and the organization itself, with the aid of the national and local government, should establish a new set of procedures governing police disciplinary matters dealing with issues of misdemeanor and unsatisfactory performance of police officers including high-ranking officials in the organization. In his study he also found out that the current system of dealing with the police misconduct is overly bureaucratic and logistic with little or no encouragement from the organization’s heads and the government agency concerned. He further stated that misconduct procedures should be based on principles which would modernize the system and make it easier for any individual, officers, and the police service, generally to earn lessons and improve the service to the public ( The Philippine National Police (PNP) role in the society has increasingly become a significant issue in contemporary policing. Public expectations and organizational concerns demand innovative approaches to policing. Criticisms from various sectors require the organization to assess current practices and functions, and align them with the needs and values of the community. Republic Act No. 6975 Section 37 mandates the establishment by the National Police Commission of a Code of Conduct for members of the PNP to foster individual efficiency, behavioral discipline and organizational effectiveness, as well as respect for constitutional and human rights of citizens, democratic principles and ideals and the supremacy of civilian authority over the military. A Code of Conduct for PNP members is necessary to set the moral tone and norms of professional conduct in the police service, and in keeping with this need, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has initiated the drafting of such Code. And the Commission, upon its close examination and analysis of the various provisions of the drafted Code submitted by the PNP, finds the same in accordance with the desirable level of the professional conduct and ethical standards that should be observed by all PNP members (Ethical Doctrine Manual 2009). Recently in 2011, some police officers and even high ranking officials in the PNP was subjected to various headlines from newspapers, television news updates, and press and media fiasco for grave misconduct cases. Former PNP Chief Director General Raul Bacalzo, ordered for a back-to-basic training for all cops after his men figured in several grave misconduct cases such as the death of a police chief of Talaviera carried out by his own deputy;...
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